Counseling Services

We all experience stress from challenges in our careers and personal lives. Some challenges Sailors and their families may encounter are entirely unique to the military lifestyle, while others naturally arise during new phases of life and changes in relationships. For example, stress can be caused by family hardships, marital or parent-child conflict, money concerns, frequent moves, health and environmental factors, occupational issues, and other difficulties. Living overseas can amplify these stressors. 

Clinical Counseling at the Fleet & Family Support offers free, confidential counseling by professional, licensed clinicians and utilizes evidence-based therapeutic models and research to support your goals. We offer an environment that is culturally-sensitive, supportive, and empowering for you to generate solutions and take action. Seeking help in the face of personal, family, occupational, and psychological troubles is a courageous act, and we are here to help you on your journey.  

Available Services 

  • Short-term clinical counseling for individuals, couples, children/adolescents, and families.
  • Crisis intervention and/or response to disasters and other catastrophes or Critical Incident Stress Debriefing.
  • Group counseling, educational groups, and support groups.
  • Referral to other military and community resources.

You do not need a referral from your command, Tri-Care, or your primary care physician to receive counseling at FFSP. At Navy Region Korea, we have two Fleet & Family Support Offices that offer counseling services. They are located in Chinhae and Busan and are staffed with highly qualified and fully credentialed clinicians. Each clinician holds a master or doctorate degree in Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, or Psychology. During your first appointment, you and your clinician will talk about your concerns and decide on the best way to handle them as a team. They can also assist in obtaining referrals for other clinical services on the Korean Peninsula, such as Behavioral Health and Psychiatry, as well as provide information about other FFSP and Department of Navy programs you may benefit from. 

Fleet & Family Support Program clinicians are trained in dealing with a wide range of concerns such as:

  • Improved Communication
  • Stress & Anger
  • Grief & Loss
  • Strengthening Relationships
  • Occupational Stress
  • Difficulty Adjusting to Life Overseas
  • Life Transitions 
  • Infidelity & Divorce 
  • Coping With Change

Counseling for Children

Military children are incredibly resilient. However, children sometimes have difficulty coping with the stress of a parent's deployment, divorce, moving or other significant changes or experiences they encounter. Our licensed, credentialed clinicians can assist children and families in dealing with a wide range of child-related concerns such as:

  • Discipline Problems
  • School Behavior Problems
  • Anger Management
  • Social Withdrawal
  • Grief & Loss
  • Changes in Family Structure
  • Deployment
  • Coping with Change

Individual counseling is available for children from five years of age through high school. Parents and therapists can work together to define issues and discover solutions. Family counseling is an opportunity for the whole family and the clinician to work together utilizing the family's strengths to find creative solutions to problems. These services may benefit parents of children of all ages but are especially useful for children that may be too young to participate in counseling. Finally, counselors are available to consult with staff, commands, and parent groups. 


  • Active Duty Service Members
  • Service Member Beneficiaries
  • Activated Reservists and FTS
  • Retirees 

*Eligibility for services is verified via government-issued photo identification. Some may be subject to service on a space-available basis dependent on eligibility and/or waiting lists at your local site.